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Top 3 Ford Escape Mods for Seattle

Escape is one of the most popular Ford SUVs around. Not just here in the greater Seattle metro area, either. All across Washington State, too.

It's capable for trekking through the cold, wet winters off Puget Sound. It's comfortable for road-tripping the Olympic Peninsula. It's expertly equipped for keeping you and the family safe all along the way.

Put simply, it's got everything going for it. Would you believe you can still do it one better?

It's true. Escape SUVs are top upgrade prospects, precisely because of just how far you can go with them. Here's a few places you can start.

Performance: Mod the Engine

Hauling down to Mt. Rainier needs some serious power. The engine in your Escape is going to need all the help it can get. You can bump up its horsepower and torque pretty easily, though: put in a turbocharger or supercharger, swap out your stock air intake and air filter for a cold air intake and performance air filter, and top it all off by customizing the exhaust.

Handling: Upgrade the Suspension

Want to tack into the thick of it on the trail better? Get a little more ground clearance. That means upgrade the suspension.

The easiest thing to do is lift it (put in a lift kit and leveling kit), and put in performance shocks and struts. That way, you'll be able to put on bigger off-road tires and get a little more grip when the ride gets rough. Skid plates and tougher front and rear bumpers can't hurt, either; they're instant protection for everything from the gas tank to the differential.

Looks and Utility: Accessorize

You can go any direction here: add all-weather floor mats to keep the sludge off your floor plastics and upholstery, put in cargo accessories like cargo trays to organize luggage, keep a sunshade handy to cool the cabin off on hot days -- the list goes on.

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